About Us

      Sarri Painters has proudly developed a reputation for quality workmanship and an ongoing commitment to the best outcomes for our clients in the public and private sector. We pride ourselves on the highest standards of Workplace Health and Safety and environmental protection. We use only the best materials and equipment, used by fully qualified applicators to ensure client satisfaction. Our company strives to achieve a close working relationship between clients, employers and employees so that each project becomes a successful partnership with an outstanding outcome.

      Our team has over 50 years experience and we work together with sound management practises in place, using loyal and highly professional trades people to achieve a common goal of excellence. Sarri Painters employs its own workforce which means all team members have a genuine interest in the success and growth of the company.

      Sarri Painters services include:

      Painting to major construction projects
      Texture and decorative coatings
      Spray painting
      New Work
      Specialist coatings
      2 Pack floor coatings & concrete sealers
      Wall papering, wall talker and vinyl wall coverings
      High pressure water blasting
      Decorative finishes
      Artwork Preservation


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Excellence in painting
and workmanship.
Since 1st August 1982.